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Tribute to Nila Gupta

Sisters of Frida wish to offer our deepest condolences to everyone who knew and loved Nila Gupta, we know their loss will be heart felt. 

How do we even begin to tribute the vibrant and radical being of Nila, our friend? Nila was talented, radical, unique in their insight and was amazing at connecting with people. Nila was also a great activist and has been involved in many networks and projects, as well as the recent ones below. 

We can share some of Nila’s recent work in the disabled people’s movement, as Nila speaks best for themselves..

Part of Nila’s legacy will be that they co-founded¬†Onyx, and we encourage other BiPOC disabled artists to get involved.¬†

We are saddened that Nila will no longer be able to join us in future projects, and Nila’s fire will burn on in our hearts and Nila’s legacies.¬†

Written by Dennis Queen for Sisters of Frida

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