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and sharing through lived experiences

The Woman in the Greenhouse

There are vines in the living room

Tulips in the garden

Sunflowers in your brother’s room

And in your own room there is a knife

You use to carve out your art

Your brother’s name

Your deadliest pain

Your brother who cried with you when you went through your first heartbreak

And bought you flowers when you got accepted into art school

I promise I’ll always hold your hand my dear sister

I never want you believe you’re in a chokehold

I promise you your words reach outwards

I see greenery in your soul

Honest and raw

I guess you think your pain is all your own

You don’t know your pain is omnipresent

And then I see you

You pick up your knife again

And I stare agape.


Sisters of Frida

Aisha Malik is an emerging writer. Her poems have been featured in 3 Moon Publishing and Dream Walking. She hopes to publish a book one day.



This is part of the Sister Stories series.


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