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Sisters of Frida is part of the Reclaiming Our Futures Alliance (ROFA) which consists of the Alliance for Inclusive Education, the British Deaf Association, Disabled People Against Cuts, Equal Lives, Inclusion London, Shaping Our Lives and the TUC – in writing a shadow report for the UNCRPD.

We will be bringing our experience from our CEDAW report writing and experience in Geneva to the table.

Sisters of Frida has submitted CRPD general discussion on women and girls with disabilities as part of the UK CEDAW working group. It is obvious that there is much intersection between CEDAW and CRPD and we should use both instruments and contribute as disabled women to the shadow reports.

To follow the process we shall also be posting links of interest and other information as we go along.


DPOs join forces to brief UN on how UK has breached disability convention 

(DNS, March 16 2017)

UK Initial Report on the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

ROFA Shadow Report MS Word

ROFA-Shadow-Rep-Final PDF

Sisters of Frida wrote a short shadow report on 3 Articles with List of Issues.

A layperson’s guide to: The UN Convention on the Rights of Disabled People (from Disability Wales)

Here is the EHRC page on the CRPD

here is the infographic to illustrate How the CRPD treaty cycle works

How the CRPD treaty cycle works There is a pink bubble with a figure of a man with a cane, a woman and a wheelchair user with text Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. then there are arrows following the circle, the first points to a pink tab- State Report Nov 2011, followed next Shadow Reports Feb 2017, List of issues April 2017, State Reply and updated Shadow reports, July 2017, UK state examination Aug 2017 (black tab), Concluding observations, Oct 2017, Follow up Activity 2017-2022 Infographic from the EHRC

Joint DPO submission on Disabled Women for the Human Rights Committee’s review of the United Kingdom June 2015 

Joint DPO submission on United Kingdom to HRCttee word doc

this document was referred by the IDA in their submission  РGeneral Comment on women with disabilities CRPD call for submissions on its General Comment on women with disabilities (article 6)

IDA submission on draft GC on article 6 word doc

The Concluding Observations adopted by the CRPD Committee during its 11th session on Sweden ( 12-4-2014)

11)The Committee is concerned that systems for dealing with cases of intersectional discrimination, for example disability combined with gender or ethnicity, require more development.

12) The Committee recommends that the State party examine the appropriateness of the current structure used to deal with situations of intersectional discrimination.
Women with disabilities (art. 6)
13) The Committee is concerned that there is little knowledge about whether women with disabilities are discriminated against because of their gender, and to which degree women and girls with disabilities are discriminated against compared to men and boys. It is further concerned that studies, policies, or action plans concerning persons with disabilities do not include a gender perspective.
14) The Committee recommends the State party to ensure that the perspective of gender and disability permeate its legislation and policies, surveys, plans, implementation, evaluation and monitoring activities, or its services. It further recommends that the State party adopt effective and specific measures to prevent intersectional forms of discrimination against women and girls with disabilities.

you can also
Watch the treaty bodies sessions live for Sweden CRPD Session 11: Sweden, 31 March ‚Äď 1 April 2014
English Audio (quite a few questions on Article 6, one from Diane Mulligan on disabled women of ethnic minorities)
For an example of an alternative report

Alternative report of the Germany CRPD Alliance (BRK Allianz) and submission on the list of issues on Germany

And report from Australia




3-4 SEPTEMBER 2013, GENEVA CSPRG_Australia_CRPD10 Word Document


UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

9th Session, Geneva, 15‚Äď19 April 2013

Half-day of General Discussion on Women and Girls with Disabilities – 17 April 2013 (12:00-6:00 pm)


Disability Rights Litigation

CRPD Committee views on communications lodged under the Optional Protocol

IDA (International Disability Alliance)  monitors the views adopted by the CRPD Committee on communications and produces case summaries of those decisions. In addition, IDA is supporting DPOs to lodge communications to the CRPD Committee under the Optional Protocol and has compiled a factsheet on this. Further information is also available on how to lodge communications and inquiries before the other UN treaty bodies.


CRPD work by the Equality and Human Rights Commission

A report by the UK Independent Mechanism (UKIM: made up of ourselves, the Scottish Human Rights Commission, the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission and the Equality Commission for Northern Ireland) to the UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (February 2017):

UK ‚Äėis first country to face UN inquiry into disability rights violations‚Äô 15 Aug 2014

UN to investigate UK ‚Äėgrave violations‚Äô of disability rights 6 Oct 2014


see Svetlana Kotova’s presentation on Article 6 : Women with Disabilities

From Disability Awareness in Action

“STOP THE WORLD – WE WANT TO GET ON!” is designed to meet a great need for another resource kit that would provide a framework for disabled people in providing training to their colleagues within their DPOs – specifically on human rights – and help them to take the appropriate action to support rights for disabled people.

This manual is based on DAA’s previous wide experience and the outcomes of intensive trainings.

It includes:

  • practical uses of our human rights
  • examples of real cases both in Europe and the UK
  • suggestions on how to be an ally
  • advice for trainers

Human Rights is a huge subject and has become very technical and legal. We have tried to simplify and give you the important points in their relevant contexts.

“STOP THE WORLD – WE WANT TO GET ON!” was available to download in MS Word Doc and PDF formats, however the links now redirect to the DAA homepage and have been removed as of December 2020.

Easy to Read Versions of CRPD

From the EHRC

Cases of note

Elaine Macdonald case

Ex-ballerina forces ‘landmark’ ruling in social care, charity says

(20 May2014)

Unlawful removal of night-time care was breach of human rights, rules European court

 (Article updated 11am, 22 May)

see Silencing the Voices of People with Disabilities: Recent Developments before the European Court of Human Rights for cases written by Constantin Cojocariu, human rights lawyer (dec 3rd 2014)


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  2. Gaby Harris says:

    Good morning!

    My name is Gaby and I am currently doing an MSc in social inequality at LSE. I have a little bit of background in disability studies having studied disability within my undergrad at the University of Leeds. I am currently undertaking a project researching wheelchair users experiences of public transport in London (particularly buses) and I am looking for about 5 people to take part in a focus group at some point in the new year. I would very much like to be able to discuss this with the sisters of Frida and write the research from a feminist perspective. If anyone would be willing to be involved in this group discussion I would be so grateful. (Equally if there is a better place on this website to advertise my research please let me know!). Thank you so much and I hope to meet some of you in the New Year! Merry Christmas!

    • Gaby Harris says:

      I am looking to conduct a focus group with wheelchair users who live and travel independently in London. I would like to be able to bring forward issues of wheelchair use and buses in London as an area in need of discussion and development.

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