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En route to CEDAW in Geneva

at St Pancras

at St Pancras

Both Eleanors set off at St Pancras Saturday morning to catch the Eurostar to go to Geneva, changing stations in Paris to join the other members of the UK delegation for the CEDAW 55th session.

The Eurostar journey was smooth and we took bus no 65 to continue from Gare de Lyon for Geneva. We located the bus stop and all went according to plan. But we missed our train because when we alighted at the designate stop, the signage was so bad we didn’t locate the assistance office and they said they couldn’t put us on – even with 10 mins to spare before the train was due to set off (inspite of the fact we had booked assistance months in advance).

So we had lunch there at the station while waiting for the next direct train – a wait of about 3 hours. We didn’t know we would be given a meal on board the train so we had a another fish dinner! However that meant we did not arrive until 21.15 too late to buy a map at the station. With a little printed Google map and a lot of different directions from passerbys (best directions were from 3 friendly men in a pub) we got to Hotel Silva where we have booked to stay while in Geneva.

Needless to say we were very happy to get there apart,  and bonus surprise, bumping into Charlotte Gage from the UK delegation. More to come later. We will try to blog daily from Geneva.

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