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Disabled women set to protest lack of rights in India

Solidarity to sisters in India!

Women shout slogans as they protest ahead of International Woman’s Day in New Delhi on Monday. They demanded a revision of the government’s lowest benchmark for poverty, rationing of kerosene and other commodities.

Mumbai: Women with disabilities are in no mood to celebrate International Women’s Day on Thursday but will instead protest a day earlier in wheelchairs to assert the denial of their rights.

Joining more than 100 women in wheelchairs on the eve of Women’s Day will be hundreds of their supporters who will also sit in wheelchairs to express solidarity for disabled women in India.

Brought together by the ADAPT Rights Group, a group of young able and disabled activists, they hope to force Mumbaikars to think: how long will women with disabilities face apartheid-like discrimination?

….Yet, even after 16 years of enforcement of the Persons with Disabilities Act, 1995, the country is not very sensitive towards the rights of¬† disabled.

No disabled woman is in Parliament, even in Rajya Sabha, they are not even part of the women’s rights movement across the country, they rarely get married and are denied the right to motherhood.

Invisible minority

Nearly half of the 40 to 90 million people with disabilities in India are women and yet they have always remained an invisible minority.

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