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and sharing through lived experiences

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Thank you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award nomination

Thank the person who nominated you

Thank you, Sam Left at the rights,  for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award nomination . We are honoured by the solidarity!

7 things to share about us

1) we are a disabled and allied women’s cooperative

2) between us we speak a mixture of 10 – 11 languages

3) we are from different backgrounds – from Russia, Netherlands, S E Asia, Italy and of course England.

4) we are all passionate about disability/human rights and being inclusive.

5) we work from a social model of disability

6) we are pan disability

7) we are all short of time and energy!

Our 7 nominees

1)Pseudo living  http://pseudo-living.blogspot.com/ Emma who came marching with us in Million Women March

2)Darkest Angel 32 http://darkestangel32.wordpress.com Lorraine who also came marching with us at MWR- warrior mum

3)Incurable hippies musings and rants http://incurable-hippie.blogspot.co.uk/ Incomparable Philippa

4)Thaedis http://thaedis.net/ Debbie’s political views on disability issues

5)Maria’s In the Loop http://blog.wideaware.co.uk/ Maria’s personal views on the disability world

6) The Creative Crip http://thecreativecrip.com/ Lisa Ellwood’s awesone second life on Crip Island

7) Kirsten Hearn’s blog http://kirstenhearn.wordpress.com/ London Labour candidate, intrepid traveller and many other things….

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