Bringing disabled women together, mobilising
and sharing through lived experiences

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Sisters of Frida: Vision and Values

When we say “disabled women” we mean self-identifying disabled women, girls and gender non-conforming people.


Our Vision  

A future in which disabled women are empowered, celebrated, informed, connected, valued and at the centre of society.


Our Mission

To make our vision a reality:

  • We create platforms that support opportunities to learn, share different experiences to increase our knowledge which enable us to challenge oppression and explore new possibilities
  • We speak out against abuse, injustice and discriminatory practices.
  • We fight for disabled women’s voices to be heard in diverse places of influence.
  • We don’t accept tokenism. We expect our allies to demonstrate meaningful engagement and commitment to securing disabled women’s liberation.
  • We embrace and celebrate our diversity by seeking out and highlighting the stories of disabled women from diverse intersectional backgrounds
  • We take opportunities to show how structures of oppression are connected and affect us all and call for their removal
  • We challenge unpaid labour of disabled women, strive for remuneration for our work and ensure our contributions are valued as individuals


Our Values and Ethical Principles

  • We are committed to the social model of disability and an intersectional approach to our oppressions and identities
  • We do not abuse or use our positions as a means to achieve
  • We are proud of who we are as disabled women and girls
  • We are committed to the continual process of challenging power and privileges, internally and externally
  • We believe in the self definition of identity and commit to not policing our identities
  • We expect accessibility and are creative, proactive and work in collaboration to achieve respectful and accessible spaces
  • We recognise, accept and challenge the oppressor within ourselves
  • We ensure credit is given to other disabled women for their ideas, involvement, contributions and work

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