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Project: Peer led skills development course for disabled women


The project will give participants opportunities to


  • develop facilitation, presentation and research skills
  • gain and share knowledge in an area of interest
  • put this knowledge into practice
  • meet and work with new people


The project will be split into two parts. The first part will consist of three sessions aimed at building facilitation skills and confidence for the participants. We will then go on to design a number of further sessions tailored specifically to the needs of individuals within the group. Each will have a mentor who will support in gaining skills in the area of work interested. This could include building campaigns, arts and self-expression, challenging interpersonal violence – the possibilities are endless!


The facilitators for these sessions are:

Lani Parker has worked on disability issues in various capacities including taking part in many campaigns, facilitating training, and working within disabled people’s organisations in the areas of advice, information and advocacy. She has a particular passion for doing the work of connecting social justice issues.
Lani is involved in a number of disabled people’s groups and has taken part in many sctions She was co facilitator for the Sisters of Frida’s Disability Sexuality workshop last year.

Nim Ralph - person of colour with short black hairNim Ralph  has over 10 years’ experience as a trainer and facilitator, with specialisms in equalities and diversity work/anti-oppression and campaigning. They are Lead Trainer at Campaign Bootcamp and have facilitated for a wide range of groups and organisations ranging from the Girl Guides to Transgender Europe. Nim worked for Drake Music for the last 3 years, which focuses on Disability, music and technology.




Eleanor Lisney is looking to improve knowledge on domestic violence and (disabled) women. She is grateful that Stacy Smith from the Her Centre, Greenwich,  has agreed to mentor her.


2 responses to “Project: Peer led skills development course for disabled women”

  1. sarifa patel says:

    I am a Asian disabled mother with hidden dissabilitie.With four children with hidden condition.Ihave an activist for my last two children,right from the start,as the system wanted to destroy them.I had to fight for there human rights .

  2. sarifa patel says:

    Our children matter too right from the start.Ialso believe in inclusive education for all our children.With appropriate support

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